Zinc Dithiophosphate 8

Zinc Dithiophosphate 8

RB Products manufactures and supplies an extensive line of additive componentry, designed to enhance end-product specifications.  As part of our additive componentry line, we offer Zinc Dithiophosphate 8.  

RB ZD 8 is a zinc dialkyldithiophosphate lubricating oil additive. It is generally used with detergent‐dispersant and acid neutralizing additives in engine oils, hydraulic fluids and other industrial oils. This additive provides oxidation, copper‐lead bearing corrosion and wear control in diesel and gasoline engines. It is particularly effective over a broad range of service conditions, from low temperature gasoline engine to high temperature diesel and industrial oil applications.

Synonyms for Zinc Dithiophosphate 8

  • Dibutyldithiophosphate
  • O-dibutyl phosphorodithioate
  • Butyl zinc phosphorodithioate

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Zinc Dithiophosphate 8

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