Ash-Less Dispersant (ADS) 1000

Ash-Less Dispersant (ADS) 1000

RB Products manufactures and supplies an extensive line of additive componentry products, which provide performance enhancements when added to a chosen base oil mixture. 

RB ADS 1000 is generally used with oxidation inhibitors and acid neutralizing additives in gasoline and diesel engine oils. It provides excellent low-temperature sludge and varnish control in gasoline engines, and effective dispersancy in diesel engine, natural gas, and marine cylinder lubricants.

Synonyms for Ash-Less Dispersant (ADS) 1000

  • Dispersancy
  • Dispersant Polymers
  • Polymeric Dispersants
  • Antifouling
  • Fumigant
  • Biocide
  • Flocculant
  • Plasticizer

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