Aliphatic Solvents

The RB AroFree line of aliphatic solvents are extremely low in aromatic (< 1%) and sulfur levels (< 1ppm) and water white in color. We offer both fully saturated paraffinic as well as unsaturated olefinic versions for use as reaction intermediates.

Aliphatic Solvents, also known as non-aromatic solvents, are one of the most commonly used solvents worldwide and found in many of the everyday products used by billions of people around the globe daily. RB Products focuses our attention into the following market segments; Aerosol, Adhesives/Sealants, Refining/Oil & Gas Production, Metal Working, Paints, Coatings, & Printing Inks, HI & I, Mining, Water Treatment. 

Our offering of aliphatic solvents are manufactured on sight at RB Processing LLC in Pasadena, TX.