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What is an Aliphatic Solvent?

Aliphatic solvents also known as aliphatic compounds, do not contain a benzene ring. They are mixtures of saturated, long straight-chain, branched-chain, or cyclic paraffins. They are produced by the distillation process of crude oil by the appropriate boiling point range fraction, and then they are treated to improve both their color and odor.

Typically composed of Hydrogen and Carbon molecules, they differ from aromatic solvents because they don't contain a hydrocarbon like toluene or xylene.

At RB Products, we specialize in the manufacture of aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents and aliphatic compounds.  The RB AroFree line of aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents are extremely low in aromatic (< 1%) and sulfur levels (< 1ppm) and water white in color. We offer both fully saturated paraffinic as well as unsaturated olefinic versions for use as reaction intermediates.

Key Benefits of Aliphatic Compounds

  • High Absorbancy with Organic Matter
  • Very Versatile, can be used in many industries
  • Very Low Water Solubility
  • Less Toxic than Aromatic Solvents

Aliphatic Solvent Applications

Aliphatic Solvents, also known as non-aromatic solvents, are one of the most commonly used solvents worldwide and found in many of the everyday products used by billions of people around the globe daily. RB Products focuses our attention on the following market segments; Aerosol, Adhesives/Sealants, Refining/Oil & Gas Production, Metal Working, Paints, Coatings, & Printing Inks, HI & I, Mining, Water Treatment.

Our aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents are manufactured onsite at RB Processing LLC in Pasadena, TX.  Our team is dedicated to the highest quality of customer service.  Let us help you find the right aliphatic solvent for your application.  Contact us today! 


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