Additives for Paint, Coatings, & Printing Inks

RB Products Inc. provides an extensive portfolio of industrial-grade Aromatic Solvents which are very effective strong solvents for diluting resin based coatings for high-performance applications. Aromatic Solvents boast a high KB values which are the measurement of how quickly and effectively a resin can be diluted. 

RB TrueSyn™ Isoparaffinic Solvents are commonly used in the printing inks, decorative paints, and coatings where odor and regulatory requirements hinder the use of a stronger solvent due to worker conditions. Quick dry times, overall wetting/coverage, improved worker conditions and final product quality all lend to the use of TrueSyn™ Isoparaffinic Solvents in the specialty ink & paints markets. 

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