HR-PIB 2300

HR-PIB 2300

At RB Products, we proudly supply a diverse product line of conventional (PIB) and high reactive polyisobutylene products (HR-PIB).  HR-PIB products are bright, clear, viscous specialty chemicals.  HR-PIB has an increased polydispersivity index when compared to conventional PIB.  

We offer HR-PIB 2300MW, a high methyl-vinylidene polybutene typically used in the manufacturing of lubricant and fuel additives, emulsifiers, adhesives, and rubbers.  See table below for full specifications.

Synonyms for HR-PIB 2300

  • Highly Reactive Polyisobutene
  • Polybutene
  • Butene Polymer
  • Glissopal 1000, 1300, 23000

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