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What is Aromatic 200?

Aromatic 200, also known as Aromatic Solvent C12, is an amber/yellow liquid property that has the ability to dissolve substances without reacting with them. This heavy aromatic solvent contains compound mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from the refining of aromatic streams. Aromatic 200 is comprised of mainly aromatic hydrocarbons having carbon numbers primarily in the range of C12-15. 

What is Aromatic 200 used for?

Aromatic Solvent C12 is mainly used in oilfield chemicals, its general purpose is carrier/diluent, reaction diluent, compressor wash oil, and more.

Synonyms for Aromatic 200

  • Solvent Naphtha (petroleum)
  • Heavy Aromatic Cas No: 64742-94-5
  • Garosol 200
  • Solvesso 200
  • Wash Oil

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