Chemical & Solvent Processing

RB Processing, LLC was formed after completion of our first modular Hydrogenation Unit. These units are portable and can be installed about anywhere to hold all processing assets used in manufacturing, blending and tolling.

Today, this is where we manufacture our “RB Truesyn” line of high quality grade Synthetic Isoparaffinic oils. With a capacity of up to 40,000,000 gallons annually, and a quick build time, we can continue to supply the ever growing market for these products for years to come.

RB Processing, LLC has also been registered with the EPA per 40 CFR 79.13 (g) to manufacture, process, and market 100% Renewable High Cetane Diesel Fuel derived from Soybean or Corn Oil.

Please contact us for additional information on joint venture programs currently offered by RB Processing, LLC for fuel manufacturers.


RB Processing, LLC 100% Renewable High Cetane Diesel Fue