Solutions For Your Company


Using research and analytical laboratory testing, RB Products can qualify your product to determine further processing opportunities and sustainable solutions for your company. Using this information, our team of employees will work side by side with your company to determine a comprehensive solution for your product's needs from market development to commercial production. From lab to pilot to full production scale, RB Products can provide the technical and processing requirements which sustain your company’s product demands.


RB Products can custom tailor a processing program for your company which will maximize the value of by-products, co-products and/or waste streams. This will provide a higher value product that can be moved through our domestic and/or international distribution channels. Whether you choose to recover the value of your waste stream through toll processing or increase the value of the product via recycling or reactivity, our solutions can offer numerous benefits to your organization. Some of these benefits include waste minimization, product cost reduction, and VOC emissions reduction. RB Products can provide dedicated processing equipment for your reactions, distillation and/or blending requirements that fulfill your outsourcing needs.


As part of our plan for your company, we will help arrange the best shipping option for your product on a schedule that meets your needs. Materials can be delivered in drums, bulk tank trucks, rail car, barge and/or ocean vessels.


RB Products adheres to strict quality control standards. We take ownership of all products and test for conformity which reduces liability for our customers and suppliers. We want to help ensure the sustainability of your company.