Conventional Polyisobutylene (PIB)

Conventional polyisobutylenes are colorless, odorless, viscous chemically inert liquids. They are non-drying and highly resistant to oxidation and photodegredation. Polyisobutylenes are non-toxic and will not leave residue when volatized or thermally decomposed.

High Reactive Polyisobutylene (HR-PIB)

High reactive polyisobutylenes are bright, clear, viscous specialty chemicals. The term “ high reactive” is in reference to the materials increased terminally positioned doubled bonds also known as the molecules “vinylidine” content. HR-PIB can be used in place of conventional polyisobutylene but its primary application is as a reactionary intermediate. HR-PIB also has an increased polydispersivity index when compared to conventional PIB. 

Both PIB and HR-PIB serve similar spaces in the market with HR-PIB sought after by reactionary chemistry lubricant additive manufacturing. Other than that primary difference both products are sold widely into Adhesives/Sealants, Lubricant & Grease Manufacturers, Metal Working, Cosmetics, HI & I, and Mining.

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