PAO - Low Viscosity

Polyalphaolefins are the oligomerization product of decene and/or dodecene alpha olefins. Low viscosity PAO is offered in many grades ranging from 2 cSt at 100 C – 10 cSt at 100 C when measured by the D445 viscosity ASTM method.

Polyalphaolefins represent about 1 – 2 % of the overall base oil market now, but market share is expected to grow due to its superior pour point, NOACK volatility, color consistency, viscosity index, and oxidative stability. Some of the most demanding & extreme lubricant service conditions have benefited from the reformulation to a PAO base stock vs. a traditional paraffinic base oil.

Market segments for PAO are still somewhat regional specific, but growing each year. Primary segments today include; Aerosol, Adhesives/Sealants, Refining/Oil & Gas Production, Lubricant & Grease Manufacturers, Metal Working, Cosmetics, HI & I, & Mining.

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