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Aromatic 100 Supplier 

Aromatic 100 is a dull and clear fluid with a sweet-smelling scent.  It is a piece of the petroleum hydrocarbon family and is comprised primarily of C9-C11 aromatic hydrocarbon.

This type of aromatic solvent is manufactured from petroleum-based crude materials and has an odor content of 99% or greater. Aromatic 100 is created mainly of C9-10 dialkyl and trialkyl benzenes and due to the toxicity of this solvent, the equipment and process are enclosed. 

Synonyms for Aromatic 100

  • Arosol 10
  • HiSol 10
  • Solvent 100
  • Atosol 100
  • Solvesso 100
  • solvent naphtha (petroleum)
  • light aromatic


Aromatic 100 Applications 

Aromatic 100 is utilized in applications such as fuel additive substances, industrial coatings and paint, industrial cleaning supplies, process liquids, and more. 

RB Products, Inc. proudly offers Aromatic 100 fluids to domestic and international clients. We make it our priority to provide this grade of solvent with industry-leading customer service. Give us a call today at (281) 872-6099 or contact us online for a consultation.

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