Aerosol Industry Applications

Both the domestic and international aerosol markets are growing at a rapid pace with revenue expected to surpass 4 billion USD per year in the US market alone. Applications such as personal care, household, automotive & industrial, food, paints and medical applications are the core market segments. In particular insecticides, insect repellents, and air fresheners are seeing the largest increase in demand.

Increasingly tighter regulations on VOC content continue to change the raw materials purchasing requirements as aerosol blenders, compounders, and packagers continue to seek out VOC exempt for consumer goods applications solvents & oils to reduce GHG emissions.

RB Products supplies Aromatic Solvents, TrueSyn Synthetic Isoparaffins, Aliphatic Solvents, Low Viscosity PAO, and Additive Componentry to some of the largest aerosol producers both domestically and internationally. 

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