Refining/ Oil & Gas Production Manufacturer

RB Products Inc. specializes in providing aromatic hydrocarbon solvents which support the production, well stimulation, corrosion, and scale inhibitor chemical manufacturing business both domestically as well as internationally. Aromatic solvents are chosen due to their strong solvency, commodity based pricing, and availability in large volumes.

Aromatic solvents are also commonly chosen as a primary component of aromatic wash oil formulations which are used to clean and restore production capacity on some of the largest industrial scale refineries in the world today.

Oil based and synthetic based drilling muds all require hydrocarbon or synthetic oil base stocks depending on region and specific performance requirements. RB Products Inc. provides high quality synthetic base stocks to meet both extreme service requirements as well as environmental biodegradability standards. RB Products Inc. offers many base stocks which are aromatic depleted (<0.1wt%) and < 1ppm sulfur. 

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