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Passenger car motor oils formulated with Polyalphaolefins have improved temperature service range, lubricity, shear stability, deposit formation and lead to an increased life span of both the oil and the engine. PAO lubricant reduces oil waste due to its ability to extend drain intervals in passenger car motor oils. New emission standards and gas mileage requirements have led to an increased usage of lower viscosity grades of PAO in many PCMO formulations.

Polyisobutylene is typically used as a component in many lubricant applications for its tackiness and thickening capabilities. Heavy industrial gear oils benefit greatly from the use of Polyisobutylene and PAO lubricants. Polyisobutylene and PAO are commonly used in smokeless two-stroke oils due to their producing very little/no smoke during the combustion sequence.


Synthetic greases use PAO and/or Polyisobutylene as a base stock as well as a thickener. Synthetic grease provides enhanced performance qualities vs. conventionally petroleum-based greases.

PAO based formulations are expecting to continue a path of growth as additional formulators & end-users find benefit in its ability to extend the service life of a lubricant and drastically reduce downtime on major industrial-grade engines.


Additives such as RB CS 425 which is a TBN 425 over-based calcium sulfonate provide excellent protection in acid-gas rich combustion sequences. Other benefits include corrosion resistance and extreme pressure qualities. RB ADS 1000 & RB ADS 1001 are succinimide based synthetic ashless dispersants provide low-temperature sludge and varnish control in gasoline engines and effective dispersancy in high-temperature super-charged diesel engines. 

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