Additives for Metal Working

RB TrueSyn™ line of synthetic isoparaffinic solvents find use in the evaporative oils for their narrow boiling ranges, quick dry times, and high purity standards. RB TrueSyn™ 200i is a >200 F flash, < -100 F, odorless, NSF HX-1 food grade qualified low viscosity (1.2 cSt @ 100 C) synthetic isoparaffin fluid which can be utilized in many different specialty metal working oil formulations.

Polyalphaolefins and Polyisobutylene are both synthetic fluids which provide enhanced cooling features to a tool or work-piece as well as enhancing the service life of grinding, cutting, polishing, and finished metal forming fluids. Additives such as RB CS 425 Overbased Calcium Sulfonate are used as part of the finished rust inhibition formulation to provide corrosion inhibition along with synthetic base stocks such as PAO and Polyisobutylene. 

RB Calcium Alkyl Phenate imparts cleanliness characteristics to a quench oil formulation by providing reserve alkalinity and oxidation inhibition. RB Zinc Dithiophosphate primary and secondary can be used as anti-oxidants and/or EP agents in a metal working formulation. RB ADS 1000 & 1001 are accelerators to be used as part of a quench oil formulation.  RB PIBSA can be neutralized with potassium hydroxide or an alkanolamine as a possible replacement to sulfonate emulsifiers. 

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