Calcium Alkyl Phenate (CAP) Distributor

Calcium Alkyl Phenate (CAP)

RB Products manufactures and supplies an extensive line of additive componentry products, which provide performance enhancements when added to a chosen base oil mixture.  As part of our additive componentry offerings, we provide Calcium Alkyl Phenate (CAP). 

RB CAP is a calcium alkyl phenate lubricating oil additive.  It is generally used with other detergent and inhibitor additives in engine oils.  It provides base for neutralizing corrosive acids and excellent detergency for upper ring belt deposit control under the high operating temperatures encountered in super-charged diesel engines.  This lubricating oil additive, whether alone or in combination with other alkaline detergents, is an economical source of very high levels of alkalinity in marine cylinder lubricating oils.

Synonyms for Calcium Alkyl Phenate (CAP)

  • Alkyl Phenate Sulfides
  • Calcium Branched Alkyl Phenate Sulfide
  • Calcium Phenate Detergent

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