Aromatic Solvents

Aromatic solvents, or solvents containing an aromatic hydrocarbon, can be used for a vast amount of applications requiring high solvent power. RB Solv aromatic solvents are commodity based solvents used by many different market segments and industries. Popular markets that take advantage of RB Products, Inc. supply of aromatic solvents include:


RB Solv prime aromatics are >99% aromatics,

Heavy Aromatic Solvents

RB Solv aromatic solvents follow the Kauri Butanol value to measure their high solvency levels. RB’s range of Heavy Aromatic distillates, or HAD, provide an economic source of high KB solvency. HAD is a product of the ethylene production that contains roughly 70% aromatics in accordance with ASTM D-1319. You can preview the complete list of testing methods, applications, and benefits of our RB Solv HAD below.

Light / Naphtha (Petroleum) Solvents

Naphtha Solvents (petroleum) are a light aromatic consisting of a clear, colorless, liquid with a sweet aromatic scent and derived from the refining of crude oil. Commonly used in agricultural, textile processing, and paint coating industries as a pesticide product.


RB Products, Inc. proudly offers aromatic solvent services to domestic and international clients. We make it our priority to provide multiple grades of solvents with industry-leading customer service. Give us a call today at (281)872-6099 or contact us online for a consultation.