Fuel & Lubricant Additive Componentry

RB Products Inc. provides high quality, high-performance lubricant additive componentry to some of the biggest names in the business. Common application includes PCMO, Ashless 2 stroke oils, marine-grade lubricants, gear oils, hydraulic oils, quench oil formulations, metal working & forming fluids.

EP Agents, Intermediates, Dispersants, Detergents, Antioxidants, Corrosion Inhibition are all provided, please refer to product data sheets for additional information on specific application and end-uses.

RB is fuel additives distributor that provides key raw material components needed for the manufacturing of fuel additives such as Propylene Tetramer (C 15) and Propylene Pentamer (C 15) as well as aromatic rich hydrocarbon fuel components.

In addition to the manufacturing of fuel additives, lubricant additive manufacturers would also find use in RB HR PIB products which are preferred during the additive manufacturing processes due to additional terminal double bonds present for reaction-based chemistry during the lubricant additive manufacturing processes. RB provides three separate grades of HR-PIB ranging from 1000 molecular weight up to 2300 molecular weight products. Contact us to learn more about our products as a  fuel additives distributor. 

Advantages of Additives

  • They can be used to enhance the designed green diesel blends as some of the fuel properties might be difficult to achieve by solely using blending agents.
  • They can benefit the life of your vehicle, engine, emissions, fuel, etc.
  • Examples include: fuel stabilizers, octane boosters, fuel injector cleaners, upper cylinder lubricants

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