Bulk Ethanol-Based Hand Sanitizer

Create a cleaner, healthier environment with quality hand sanitizers made from products by RB Products. As a specialty chemicals processor, we excel at developing hand-sanitizing products that are high-performing, fast-acting, and easy to work with for Original Equipment Manufacturers and their supply chain partners for FOB shipment.


Made using only the purest and most refined ingredients available including FCC and ESP Ethanol, hand sanitizers from RB Products are perfect for frequent use.


The active ingredient in our hand sanitizers is Ethyl Alcohol. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control suggests it as a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus 2019, or COVID-19.


OEM Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

Located in Houston, Texas, RB Products is a leading industrial hand sanitizer suppler. We offer a full line of commercial hand sanitizers designed for a variety of dispensing systems. Our products are ideal for the following: 



-White labels

-Bulk distribution

-Private labels


RB Products’ hand sanitizers help individuals, families, and communities lead cleaner, safer lives. We’re your Houston hand sanitizer chemical supplier.

Please contact RB Products Inc. to speak to a qualified sale professional about our cost effective alternative supply and let us show you our commitment to your success. Feel free to call us today at (281)-992-3500 or click here to contact us.